[1ByDay] Chloe Delaure (Her Pinup Smile / 04.07.2015)

One fact that leaps out when we look at Chloe Delaure’s scene is how delighted she looks to pose! This French hot babe has a bright smile throughout as she shares the treasures of her slender but curvy body. Pulling up her mesh top in the beginning of her glamour porn scene, she takes off her strapless black bra and then peels down the matching panties to reveal the tight pussy with its little tuft of hair on top. Chloe then squats and spreads herself, and we think this almost nude European pornstar would be happy if a cock were underneath so she could slide herself down for instant cowgirl riding. Leaning over on the arm of a chair, Chloe plumps out her butt at us, then lays down on the floor to spread her pussy wide. Temporarily the pinup smile leaves her face and she looks quite serious, as she’s probably imagining the hungry tongues and cocks that are wishing they could lick and fuck her RIGHT NOW! But when she’s done with the heavy duty tease her smile returns in the last frames of her exciting erotic video and nude pics!


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