[GloryHoleSecrets] Richelle Ryan (Richelle’s First Glory Hole Video POV Camera / 06.03.2015)

Welcome sexpot Richelle to GloryHoleSecrets, she is ready to suck some serious cock and swallow some delicious cum. She talks about sticking her asshole up to the hole and having it licked. Uh oh, you guys are in for a treat today. She is one hot and horny MILF. After her sexy interview she stands up, pulls up her dress and shows her pretty “clam” as she calls it. She shakes her big booty and then calls the guys back. She warms up her pussy by rubbing it with the big purple vibrator. Cock 1 pushes through the hole and she tells him how much she likes his big balls. She takes his cock into her mouth, moaning and groaning. Sucking dick really turns her on. She takes him deep all the way down her throat as cock 2 reaches through the hole and plays with her sexy butt. She licks his balls, paying attention to every inch of his hard dick. She pulls out her big titties, sucks and strokes him until he is ready to fill her mouth full of his hot cum. She shows him before she swallows. 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