[PlayboyPlus] Victoria Barrett (Summer Day Play / 08.19.2015)

Cybergirl Victoria Barrett is summer personified in this set from photographer Jose Luis. Tucked into a skimpy bikini, Victoria cools it poolside. In order to avoid pesky tan lines, she decides to do a little skinny-dipping. “I love the feeling of exuding sexuality,” says Victoria, splashing around in the pool. “I feel better naked than I do in clothes, and it’s so much fun to get naked for Playboy!” Victoria may be having fun, but we’re having an absolute blast watching her—we’d love to see this dark-haired beauty take on the Mansion pool. “Anyone can wear clothes,” says Victoria. “I feel comfortable and sexy in nothing but my own skin—now that’s rewarding!” Take a dip with water babe Victoria Barrett, only on Playboy Plus.


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