[Scoreland] Claudia Marie (I’m Highly Orgasmic! / 08.22.2015)

SCORELAND advises lowering the volume or wearing headphones for this Claudia Marie scene. It’s Claudia’s first hardcore fuck scene here and once JMac gets on her, the screaming and the action doesn’t stop for a second. “Doing porn, you’re not going to have chemistry with everybody you do a scene with,” says Las Vegas resident Claudia before she tackles JMac’s big cock. It’s the first time they’ve fucked and it turned out to be an epic encounter. Claudia’s a screamer and really belts one out as JMac lays the hammer down on the big blonde and her 50J-cups. “I’ve been on-set with gorgeous guys and there can be nothing there, but in those cases, I just think back to the last great sex I had, close my eyes and play with myself and have a great orgasm. A good personality is more important.” That’s not the story this time. The chemistry is pure dynamite!


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