[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Amber (10.02.2015)

If you’ve ever heard the term ‘ass man’ and thought to yourself, “Why yes, I am an ass man.” than this week’s update is for you because Amber may possibly possess the finest booty ever featured on Ex Co Gi. And, of course, Jay films as much of it as he can from many angles. Words that describe Amber’s amazing bottom: round, taut, bubble, badonadonk, ass-a-liscious, Sir Mix-a-Lot. Things along those lines. Before we get too carried away by Amber’s magical trailer, though, let’s step back and take in the whole package because from her perky tits to her smooth tan skin this girl is adorable. After Amber gets naked and confesses to Jay that her pussy started getting wet on her drive to the shoot, Jay gets to work using his fingers and Amber’s very first vibrator. After nearly getting her to orgasm, Jay has Amber drop to the floor to start sucking and it turns out that she has more gifts than her 36 inch booty, she’s also got a very deep and accommodating throat. But, back to that ass! Jay gets her up to the bed with her booty in the air and then he fucks her in all his favorite positions: doggy, on her back, from the side for some deep penetration, and Amber loves every minute of it. Eventually it’s time for the big finish and Amber gets to her knees to catch her free facial. Be sure to stay tuned for the Gun Show as Amber cleans herself up. She shows off one of the best sets of girl guns we’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting at Ex Co Gi.

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