[AllGirlMassage] Chloe Amour, Aspen Rae (Seducing the Accountant / 01.04.2016)

It’s been a year since Chloe Amour has seen her accountant Aspen Rae and Chloe is so afraid she will end up paying taxes again. After hours of paperwork, Aspen comes back with the great news that Chloe is on top of things and will most likely get something back! Chloe is grateful for everything Aspen has done, and she offers her a free massage for all her hard work. Aspen removes her tight clothes, feeling the stress of the day. Chloe rubs her lower legs, feet and ass. Aspen’s soft, sexy body is immersed in oil, Chloe’s hands fondling up and down her boobs, enjoying the massage more than Chloe expected. Chloe proposes that Aspen can enjoy her massage to the full extent, by kissing one another and tasting each others hot wet pussies in delectable lesbian pleasures!

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One comment to “[AllGirlMassage] Chloe Amour, Aspen Rae (Seducing the Accountant / 01.04.2016)”
  1. Chloe is so sexy and 100% woman. I always love watching her vids. This Aspen girl, [new meat I’m guessing] she’s cute in makeup and clothes but she looks so hard. Not only no sexy feminine curves but her aggressive mannerisms are very masculine. If she is new, I would imagine it is only a matter of time [and a dozen or so stunt cocks] before she will get some tits and start acting like a sexy porn girl .

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