[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Dayanara (04.21.2016)

This week, an Ex Co Gi rarity: an exotic little 21 year old who’s a few months pregnant and just starting to show. Happily, more in her tits than her belly. For fans of preggo girls, big milky tits or just young horn dogs making bad decisions, this update is a wish granted. From her slightly rounded belly to her full, perky tits to her still (for a little bit longer, anyway) tight pussy, this week is definitely something different. As Jay gets started with his interview, Dayanara reveals a few interesting facts. Surprisingly, though, none of them is that she’s knocked up. She tells Jay about her free spirited sex life and her interest in dating both men and women and, best of all, her love of cocksucking. Eventually the subject of her big, milky C cups comes up and she confesses that she’s got a bun in the oven. Ever the pro, Jay is completely unfazed and just mentally upgrades Dayanara from facial to creampie. As Dayanara (is that a even a real name? Who knows, not important.) gets comfortable Jay has her demonstrate the sucking skills she mentioned and as it turns out she wasn’t telling tales out of school, this girl knows her way around a dick. With mouth game like hers, it makes you wonder how Dayanara ever got knocked up. In fact, after Jay starts fucking her with a big pink toy there’s some great behind the scenes footage when Daya takes a pee break and Jay notices that her mouth happens to be conveniently at dick level when she sits. After plenty of oral, Jay gets onto the P in V. He drills her from the side, from the back and then pounds her on her back until he unleashes a monster creampie in her puss. For creampie fans, you should bookmark this one. It’s impressive, and oozes out for several minutes.

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