[JamesDeen] Chanel Preston, Rilynn Rae (Legs for Days / 06.22.2016)

So James Deen is fucking Chanel Preston in the ass, and it’s probably the most intense shit you’ve seen on this website in a while. But Chanel is like, “Whatever. I can take it. By the way, who’s that girl masturbating on the couch?” Oh, it’s Rilynn Rae — another super hot girl with really long legs. When Chanel and Rilynn stand next to each other, it’s hard not to acknolwedge their legs, and boobs, and asses… and faces too. Anyway, James drags Chanel over to Rilynn, so that he can fuck them both in the mouth and pussy. There’s so much going on in this scene, it’s crazy. James even cums on the two girls’ faces, and then they keep having sex with each other. These girls are insatiable. And they have really long legs.

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