[AmericanDaydreams] Kelsi Monroe (23223 / 09.15.2017)

Did somebody order a hooker? Fuck yes! That’s what dreamy Kelsi Monroe asks her boyfriend JMac after real Kelsi Monroe storms out on him when she discovers he’s been making late-night phone calls to ladies of the night. But in J’s dream, big-booty Kelsi gets paid to get him laid! Her big fat ass shakes and wakes him up, and informs him that his wish is her command. Kinky Kelsi gets to sucking J’s big dick right away, and she deepthroats it so far that she gags and kicks until she can’t take anymore! And that’s when she spreads her legs high and wide for J to shove his hard, lubed-up cock deep into the sultry depths of her hot wet pussy! Kelsi and her meaty buttcheeks take a pounding every which way as J piledrives his prick into her before cumming all over her beautiful smile. Until, that is, he’s awakened by reality Kelsi, screaming at him once again.

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One Comment
  1. Epic Video!!! Kelsi Monroe was just Awesome in this video!
    She’s got what it takes, and knows how to use it!
    And her Lipservice (Audi-able & Physical) was Excellent, and exactly what I like to hear/see in a porn video!
    I also want to thank the cameraman or whoever was responsible for those Camera Angles.
    They were some of the Best Collective Camera Shots I’ve ever seen throughout a porno!
    ~Thank You!~

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