[BurningAngel] Rocky Emerson (BackSeat Driving School – Part 1 / 10.19.2020)

Class is in session at the wildest traffic school you’ve ever seen! The teacher, Joanna Angel, kicks off the first class, although no one seems too excited to be there. But NO one’s less excited than Rocky Emerson, who’s already had to go to this traffic school once before. Joanna asks one of the students, Quinton James, to tell her what landed him in traffic school. Apparently, he was on his way to a modeling gig when he got into an accident. Joanna suggests that – to help him learn to respect automobiles – Quinton should go outside and help Rocky wash her car. So, a few minutes later, Quinton is washing the car as Rocky watches, not lifting a finger. When Quinton takes off his shirt and talk turns to one of his previous modeling gigs, Rocky scoffs, insisting that any idiot could make washing a car sexy. Quinton challenges Rocky to give it a go in that case. Rocky’s all in, stripping off her clothes and getting nice and wet as she washes the car. But things are about to shift into a whole other gear. Buckle up, Quinton!

[BurningAngel] Rocky Emerson (BackSeat Driving School - Part 1 / 10.19.2020)


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