[PervTherapy] Reese Robbins (The Reese Robbins Show / 10.08.2022)

Therapist Dr. Calvin gets a visit from his new patient Reese, who is a 20 year old student that often hallucinates that she’s a famous person acting in a show. Reese believes there’s a camera crew surrounding her at all times and she’s often under the pressure of entertaining “her fans”. Dr. Calvin decides to try some touch therapy with the purpose of grounding her into reality, so he places his hand on her shoulder while she does a little bit of yoga for her show. Reese starts snapping back into reality and asks Dr. Calvin to do anything possible to help her get better. Dr. Calvin then determines that the best way forward is to fuck this patient back into reality!

[PervTherapy] Reese Robbins (The Reese Robbins Show / 10.08.2022)


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