[AllHerLuv] Aubree Valentine, Kimmy Kimm (A Chance Encounter / 05.04.2024)

At the office, Mia (Aubree Valentine) bumps into Kimmy Kimm, who she hasn’t seen since high school. She invites Kimmy to her home for coffee and a chance to reminisce, and Kimmy accepts. Mia is full of praise for Kimmy, recalling how she had a crush on her back in school but was too shy to approach her. Kimmy appreciates the flattery, but is suffering now from an extreme lack of confidence, even saying: “I feel so lost, I almost feel invisible”. In contrast, Mia has been successful, making her fortune investing in cryptocurrency. The conversation turns to sex, and Mia mentions she’s become involved in a community that enjoys role-playing and was surprised to discover that her calling is to be dominant. “There’s something about being in control of my partner’s pleasure. You have to be so attentive -I’m not really the one in control, the submissive is. To have her begging me to let her cum, and things like that”, Mia gushes. Kimmy reacts: “I didn’t know you were into women”. Mia indicates that her prowess at playing the domme has helped her in real life, and admits that their chance meeting at the office today wasn’t strictly by chance, as she had checked out Kimmy’s work schedule and social media posting ahead of time. Once again, Kimmy is flattered by all this interest, declaring: “I like the way your mind works. You knew I’d be here and you planned to see me”. Boldly, Mia says: “I knew I could get you into my bed”. Mia kisses her and invites her to the bedroom. Kimmy doesn’t put up any resistance, but before they reach their destination, Kimmy looks at her watch, reminding her friend that she’s late for an appointment at the office. But Mia won’t take no for an answer. “You’re going to stay right here, with me, and be a good little girl”, she demands. Mia helps the girl undress. “You’re not going to tie me up, or anything, right?”, Kimmy asks meekly. “Not unless you’d like me to”, Mia purrs. “No, not today”, Kimmy answers. Then Mia starts caressing her on the living room couch. She sucks Kimmy’s nipples, and soon is licking her pussy. Watch the romantic scene unfold…

[AllHerLuv] Aubree Valentine, Kimmy Kimm (A Chance Encounter / 05.04.2024)


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