[MonstersOfCock] Blaire Johnson (Massaging Brick’s Dick / 06.09.2024)

Blaire Johnson is one of the most recommended masseuses in the country and Brickzilla has an appointment to see her. The session starts like any other massage until Brick’s dick started to get hard. Blaire was amazed at how big it looked and asked if she can take a look. Brick gets this all the time and lets her check it out. She couldn’t believe how big and thick it was. She couldn’t help but want to stroke it and eventually wanted to see if it fit in her mouth. She had to open her mouth big and wide but was able to keep it down. One thing led to another and she’s on all fours getting Brick’s dick drilled in her tight wet pussy. Blaire Johnson can definitely fuck a monster cock. Watch until the end to see Blaire’s beautiful face get hot jizz poured all over it.

[MonstersOfCock] Blaire Johnson (Massaging Brick's Dick / 06.09.2024)


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