[MrLuckyLife] Angel Youngs (Teaching Angel To Ride / 06.13.2024)

Angel Youngs is the type of enthusiastic girl who is open to trying new things. This Blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty is also a great student who learns fast. She’s ready for an adventure at the world-class Mammoth Mountain when she straps in and learns to snowboard. After a few falls, a few laughs, and some great progress, she shows that she really is wifey material when she cooks up a nice healthy dinner after the fun day. Sometimes after fun at the mountain, the body can be sore the next day. So the next morning it’s extremely important to warm up and stretch out before going to the slopes.

[MrLuckyLife] Angel Youngs (Teaching Angel To Ride / 06.13.2024)


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