[PureTaboo] Kenna James (Door-To-Door Insemination / 06.11.2024)

Clarissa (Kenna James) and her husband have applied to a fertility clinic so that Kenna can get pregnant. One day, however, Franklin (Seth Gamble), a representative from the clinic, shows up at Clarissa’s door with some very bad news. It seems like the clinic rejected her since she would be too much of a high-risk pregnancy. Needless to say, Clarissa is heartbroken and defeated. Franklin can plainly see that Clarissa is feeling extremely vulnerable, so he moves closer and suggests something only a desperate person would even think of considering. He asks that she let him impregnate her right here, right now. Her husband isn’t home, and won’t be for some time… This way, she can just tell her husband that she was accepted and they can live out their dreams without any more hiccups. Clarissa is taken aback, but won’t deny that this would certainly solve her problem… despite the method being highly questionable. After some hesitation, Clarissa accepts, leading to energetic sex that ends in a dripping creampie.

[PureTaboo] Kenna James (Door-To-Door Insemination / 06.11.2024)


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